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  • Starting in 2010 all attorney IOLTA compliance will be certified by the attorney or law firm when their bar dues are paid.
  • Law firms may use this website for the following:
    • Changing firm name and/or address
    • Adding attorneys to the firm
    • Removing attorneys from the firm
    • Adding or closing firm's IOLTA account(s)

If you do not have a firm ID number or password, and your firm consists of 7 or more attorneys licensed in Texas, please contact compliance@teajf.org. A firm, for these purposes, consists of 7 or more licensed Texas attorneys. If you are in a firm with 6 or less attorneys, log in with your bar card and password here: https://compliance.teajf.org/attorney/login.aspx

All address changes are made by the State Bar of Texas and the Foundation’s records are updated each night. If you have made an address change with the State Bar and it is not reflected in your file, it is because the files are not updated.

Changes made to your files on this website will be reviewed and accepted by the Foundation. During peak times, please allow 7-10 business days for changes to be reflected on this website.

We DO NOT require notification of out-of-state IOLTA accounts. This compliance is for TEXAS IOLTA accounts.

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